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4/5/18 Beta v1.1 - Picture this

Added support for images as the backgrounds for cards and the main background. The URL option doesn't work with most domains though. But it does work with some domains that have properly set CORS headers, such as imgur.
If you want to use any old image off google images though I'd download it and then use the file upload option.

P.S. I've started adding dates to these updates.

Beta v1.0.1

Fixed* mobile support! You can now use the nuthatch image generator on your tablet, or even phone if it's big enough.
*There may still be some bugs on mobile, but now the generator is mostly functional on it.

v1.0 (beta) release!

Σ, main and only dev for here. I'm proud to release v1.0 of for the world to use. Please note that we're still in beta so if you think a feature is missing it probably is. I'm not taking feature requests right now because I have features I'm currently working on adding. You might see the feature you're interested appear shortly. (Or maybe not, considering how much I procrastinate.)

More updatings coming in the future.

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